Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Too much fun

I'm having too much fun flying my plane to update my blog lately.  Oh well.  On Monday I actually had an awesome flight.  Flew down to Camarillo for work and the Wx up here has been just gorgeous, and there was zero fog in the entire bay which is unusual in summer... but about 200 miles out I pulled up the weather for Camarillo on the G600, and they're reporting 200 ft OVC in fog and mist.  Hmmm...  when the heck is socal fogged in and norcal clear?  I got to OHIGH intersection an hour later, and started monitoring ATIS and tower freqs and heard a couple planes go missed.  I figured my options were to circle until it cleared a bit, but if I had to wait I might as well shoot an approach.  I got a popup IFR clearance from LA center which went without a hitch.  It's a sad irony that the GA air traffic is so low now that getting this kind of service from ATC is dead-easy even in the busiest airspace.

In any event, by the time I got to Filmore VOR the ATIS had changed and they were now reporting 400ft overcast and 1 mi vis... good enough for the GPS-Z, cool!  10k to Filmore and I did a better job of getting the slippery plane slowed down because I knew they were going to drop me down quick.  I flew the approach and popped out of the clouds at 400 ft.  I wish I had this one on my NFlightCam but sadly I geeked it.  The coolest thing was I was running a bit late for my business meeting, pulled up on the ramp and parked the plane, hopped out and there is my friend Alejandro beaming "I thought that was you!".  Cool!  I told him I was running late for a meeting and needed a cab, and he tosses me his car keys.  Gotta love it!  I got to my meeting on time, and had fun listening to how my coworkers got up at 4:30 am to leave the house at 5am, to drive 1 hr to the airport, to go an hour through security for the 6:55 flight, to land at 8, to hustle to the rental car and fight LA traffic for 1.5 hours to arrive by 10.  Meanwhile I got up at 7am and had an nice breakfast and coffee, took off at 8:30 and arrived 5 mins from the office and got there minutes after them.  I would have been earlier had I not had to shoot the approach.  Did I mention I love this airplane?  ;)

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