Sunday, August 7, 2011

Second flight New Engines

Here is the video from the second flight. Unfortunately my good camera was out of batteries and my NFlightCam still hasn't arrived yet, so I shot this on my phone :( The cool thing was I got to dust off my tail dragger skills and fly a Citabria over to LVK to my plane instead of driving. I forgot how much fun those little planes are. I'd love to buy a share in one if I had more time to fly. It's no Baron for travel, but what a kick in the pants. My rudder skills were sucking!  We flew up to lake Almenor which is only about a 1 hour flight by Baron.  It' a really beautiful lake and with a runway right on the lake and a great little FBO that has free bicycles you can take into town.  We picked up a bigshot silicon valley venture capitalist (to remain nameless) and I took him to San Carlos.  Hmmm... 6 hours driving or 1 hour Baron flight?  He filled up my gas tanks so a win/win!  

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