Monday, July 19, 2010

Tomorrow tomorrow

The plane is still not done!  Apparently one of the bolts on the nose gear assembly is stuck.  It can't be unscrewed and Chris doesn't know why.  He thinks it might be bent or else some rust is causing it to stick.  I told him to order a new bolt as I don't want a bent or rusted bolt up there and he is going to take the whole nose assembly off and knock the bolt free.   The new bolt costs $43 plus whatever overnight shipping costs.  Unbelievable, these planes are truly worth way, way less than the sum of their parts.  Chris is heading to Oshkosh on Wednesday, so I'm praying he get's this last item resolved tomorrow.  I'm also a wee bit nervous about the first flight after this maintenance, the landing gear especially.  I'll want them to swing the gear at least a dozen times or so on the jacks to make sure it's all good.  In the end though I'll feel much better about my gear forks now properly aligning over center, and also having all new bushings and brand new Goodyear flight custom III tires.  I'll also be stoked if the next oil change produces no more metal as I'll then know for sure it came from the chipped lifter.

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