Tuesday, May 4, 2010

IPad EFB Redux

Well as much as I love my IPad, as an EFB it works wonderfully indoors but falls seriously short in cockpit tests. It's just not readable in direct sunlight and pretty much turns into a mirror. Here is a video I shot that shows how bad it is... in fairness, this is in California mid day sun, but still... I held it down under the panel away from direct light and it's still nearly impossible to read. It's "barely" usable in the cockpit and I think it shows how good a job Garmin did at this to compare it to the G600..

As you can see the biggest problem was the glare/reflectivity. I just bought one of these:

iLUV ICC1191 Art-Glare Film for iPad

I'll do another test this weekend.


  1. Just found your blog, LOVE that cockpit setup! She's a beauty!

  2. Why don't you record a video where you're not at a perfect 90 degree perpendicular angle to the screen as you pan around? (Hold camera still and twist the iPad to several angles instead of having the camera follow the iPad).

    Your G600 screens were not perfectly squared with your camera and they have anti-glare screens standard.

    Once you add anti-gloare to the iPad, you'll be in much better shape.