Saturday, May 15, 2010

Glare shmare

I did another sun test on my ipad with the anti-glare screen installed. In short, it seems much improved, though when I got in the plane and got out the ipad I realized my foreflight trial had expired. Doh, I wanted to test it out and make sure it would work as an EFB before buying. Then I tried to fire up skycharts which I bought, but it told me it needed an internet connection and showed nothing but a blank screen, even though I was pretty sure I downloaded my whole region. I created a new quick little video, the anti-glare screen seems to help but for general use I don't like it because you can probably notice a few little bubbles under it. I also don't think the sun was as intense and at the same angle as last time, so it was much improved and went from "barely usable" to "usable", which is great.  Even though I just paid $95 to update the flitecharts on the G600. Anyways I'm stoked I can read the thing!  I also subscribed to foreflight...

I've also been struggling with trying to figure out how to keep all the darned tech gadgets in my airplane updated.  There's the navdata, the terrain data, the obstacle data, the flitecharts data, the safetaxi data.. add to that the weather subscription and it's a lot of darned subscriptions!  My plan is to just update the navdata, use the ipad for taxi data and possibly charts, though I just updated flightcharts.  Terrain data and obstacle data I'll probably update those once year or maybe less.  The charts keep me away from obstacles and terrain doesn't really change much.  My problem right now is that it's totally unclear to me if the nav data is stored on the G600, the Garmin 430 or both.  I was able to update the SID card for the G600, but does that mean the G430 is updated too?  It has a different card... you can't buy the navdata for the 430 from garmin, at least I couldn't figure out how, and I can find a jeppesen URL that has it either.  Puzzling!

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