Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Filaform corrosion

I have some light filaform corrosion on the magnesium skin of the left elevator.  I knew about this when I bought the plane and the seller gave me a credit to fix it and  I had planned to do that this summer.  I've been speaking with Frank at AeroSurfaces out at Chico about doing the work.  Basically the options are strip and repaint it then hope it doesn't come back, replace the skins with new magnesium skins from Beech which come which have better corrosion proofing, or replace with new aluminum skins from this outfit under stc: http://www.srsaviation.com/flt_controls.htm  Here is a shot of the elevator but it's almost impossible to see the corrosion, you really have to feel it with your hand and it feels like tiny rough bubbles.

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