Thursday, January 15, 2015

Fixed droopy

So my drooping left gear door turned out to be symptomatic of a tired gear motor.  I ended up replacing the dynamic brake relay and installing an overhauled gear motor.  Thought I got off easy with a 4k annual this year but there goes another 2k.  Oh well, it had been 13 years since the last motor was overhauled.  It's nice having complete logbooks to trace back when everything has been done.  I did a test flight and everything looks snug and tight now.  Seems like the noise the gear motor makes is a very different, which I found interesting.

So I'm back to 100% operational, knock on wood, and ready for some trips.  I'm doing a 3 day training with PIC at the end of the month which will focus on instrument and weather flying.  We'll probably go up to Oregon and do a lot of low approaches.  Also planning my first trip into Mexico at the end of Feb, and Idaho in June.  Lots of fun coming up with the Baron!

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