Monday, December 29, 2014

Death of GA, there goeth KVNY

Van Nuys is the quintessential GA airport. If you've seen the movie 16R you know this. It's simply one of the great and venerable general aviation airports around. With the loss of Pentastar, and then Hoovers, it's now in a sad state. I just did what should have been a typical mission there... sadly, the aforementioned FBO's are no more, and in it's place is the KLAS style fbo... Signature.

For my quick turn of a passenger pickup, I was charged a $62 ramp fee and a $5 handling charge. I don't know what they handled, other than my credit card. So for my pickup and dropoff and all of 20 mins on their ramp, I paid $134. I could have had the $62 fee waived, if I bought 50 gallons of avgas at $7.40 per gallon. Quick mental math of that vs the $4.68 I pay at home told me I was better off paying the ramp fee. I used to pay a $30 ramp fee, waived with 25 gallons at Hoovers. Pentastar was no ramp fee at all... no overnight parking fee with gas. What a change. Then I had the gall to ask what it would cost me to park for the night... $78. W T F. It's clear that KVNY only caters to the Gulfstream guys now, and that's a damn shame... grrr.


  1. I've been using Clay Lacy for the last couple of years as recently as a month ago and still a good deal - granted no AvGas from them

  2. Thanks for the tip Kevin, will try that one next time!