Wednesday, November 5, 2014

VG's and 790 install

The inspection portion of the annual is done and fortunately no big surprises.  It's all routine maintenance at this point, since I've pretty much done everything possible to restore this plane.  With annuals however, you never do know when you pull everything apart what you're going to find.  The VG's are installed and look awesome.

Here is the nacelle strake.  They had to cut the fairing a bit to get it just in the right spot, but it looks clean and well done.  Hopefully the reduced surface area won't result in any stress cracks near the attach screws.

I had sent the VG's to Don Copeland to paint them to my scheme, but about 8-10 of them crossed over paint lines and will need touch up.  Also it looks like the JPI 790 won't work in the slot I had planned for it since it's not capable of vertical display.  I decided to move the Altimeter up above the throttle quadrant just right of the Garmin 500, and then move the manifold pressure and tachometer to the slots in the right, then move the 790 down where the altimeter was next to the autopilot head.

It should all work well and I'm actually happy the 790 will be center view just below the G500 right in my primary field of view.

Otherwise all compressions look good, just routine maintenance.  400 hr engines still look clean as a whistle...

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