Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Simulator finished

I'm finally finished with my simulator, and I must say it's pretty bad ass...

I gave up on a frustrating battle with touch screen configuration, trying to simulate the G500 and GTNs, and trying to mimic my plane exactly... So the sim is a now six pack arrangement but it's fully functional, including a link to Foreflight on the iPad. I get to pretend I'm a freight dog I guess, but it's still very cool and good practice for both IFR and VFR... the final mile would be a small touch screen for the 530W which would make it fully operational without using the mouse/keyboard at all. I've even got real ATC simulation through PilotEdge. The land maps are actual ground bitmaps taken from Google earth. I'm glad I got a monster video card.

I've also discovered my sim is basically ghetto compared to what a lot of the hard core guys do. There is a huge community of simmers out there that are crazy about geeking out on this stuff. I feel like I've just scratched the surface of what one can do with commodity hardware, x-plane and a little ingenuity.


  1. Hi Adam! Nice looking sim! Did you ever look into the force-feed-back yolks? Iris Dynamic's design started out as a Kickstarter project and they're finally shipping. Worth a look if you want to take your sim to the next level.

    Their FB page:

  2. looks awesome but $1500 is steep!