Thursday, September 18, 2014

JPI 790 Ordered

The JPI 790 is finally available so I ordered it.  Supposedly it's a plug and play replacement for the JPI 760 in my panel.  So for engine monitoring I will go from


To this:

The big advantage as I see it is a LED display instead of the gas plasma so it's easier to read, and also the readout above shows the EGT/CHT for every cylinder whereas with the JPI I have to press the button to cycle through.  Also this one has a USB connection on the front to load data instead of the funky serial cable the 760 uses.  The unit is a plug and play drop in replacement for the 760 and uses the same probes.  $1650 for the head only and a $300 core credit for my 760, so for $1350 out the door seemed like a pretty good deal, in aviation terms.  I do have one issue in that the new unit is 4.1 inches wide and the old one is 3.5, so a little more than 1/2 inch wider and I may need to cut the panel for it to fit.  

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