Monday, March 24, 2014

New Toy

Today I woke up at zero dark thirty and flew to Idaho to fetch my new toy, an amazing little Citabria 7GCBC that I believe was a heck of a find.  I'm partnering on the plane with my friend David and my other friend Jerry may partner with us later on it, so he flew us there in his beautiful 421.

I can get used to all these 421's.  It was going to be an easy and quick ride there in pressurized luxury...

Think we have enough screens?  Yeah well for the plane I'm picking up, I'm going to the polar opposite... no computers, no button pushing, just pure stick and rudder.  I only have about 10 hours of tailwheel time so I brought Mark, my intrepid tailwheel instructor...

It was a quick ride there, but it would be long ride back!  Better get some food for the road... look what $7 gets you at the airport restaurant in Idaho!

This was not at all what I expected, I felt bad leaving so much food after eating some of it, but for crissakes I didn't expect them to slaughter an animal out back and put it on my plate!  Hopefully some airport dog had his lucky day.  Welcome to Idaho I guess!

The pre buy was done as an annual, since it was almost due.  Everything checked out great so the wire was done and it was time for the partners to pose with our new bird.

Then Mark and I set off to slog it across Idaho to Nevada and over the Sierra and back to Concord.

The Baron rides like a Mercedes sedan, the Citabria rides like a motorcycle.  We were really getting blown all over in the desert thermals, the tail wagging all over the place but it was still fun.  Besides, we stopped for gas in Winnemucca and I discovered that chicks dig tail draggers.

Natasha came out and fueled us up, saying how much she loves Citabria's because she wants to learn Acro.  I told her that if I wasn't already married Mark would be going home on the bus and she could come with me.

6.2 hours later she is home in my hangar, which is only empty because the Baron is off for paint still. Luckily it looks like we've sourced a hangar.

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