Friday, March 28, 2014

Fun fun fun

The Citabria is just a freakin hoot to fly.  I did 14 landings today and couldn't wipe the smile off my face all day long.  Now that it's down at sea level the climb is also ridiculous, I was seeing 1500 fpm going up at 80 mph which is well over Vx of 59 mph but the nose already felt like it was pointing straight up.  The plane gets off the ground in < 200 ft in the short field configuration of 2 notches of flaps and max power with brakes.  My three point landings are looking pretty good and I had a few decent wheel landings but I feel like I'm still figuring out this plane.  I'll have it down soon but the big wheels are bouncy and the STOL kit definitely makes this plane feel different from the other Citabria's I've flown.  I can't wait to take it onto grass it feels like it just wants to be off pavement.

I can't wait to get my Baron back though!  I'm tentatively planning a trip with an old friend for mountain biking in Moab in early May and I'm hoping Don will have it done by then.  It would be like 7 hours in the Champ.

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