Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Professional Instrument Courses PIC (

With the winter weather here and being that it's been 11 years since I got my instrument rating, I figured it would be good time to do a comprehensive IFR refresher. I do an annual IPC for insurance and proficiency reasons, but I live in California... nearly all of these have entailed flying around for 1.5 hrs in CAVU conditions. The last real actual I got was last May unless you count blasting through the summer marine layer at Colemill Baron climb speeds over 2000 fpm which means 1-2 minutes in the clouds at most.

So I just blocked off three days from work and hired PIC to come to me for some IFR adventure time. The plan is to take a little trip and go hunt down a lot of actual instrument conditions. Low approaches, clouds, rain etc. Typically these guys come to you and you put them up in a local hotel for their stay and they prep you for the IFR rating at your local airport. Instead we will go up the western coast towards Seattle and we'll be bound to find some bad weather. I'm already instrument rated so that pressure will be off... just about practicing some stuff I don't often encounter with the family in tote and adventure! Should be fun... departing Dec 22nd!

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  1. Hey Adam, Damon here (we met at the BPPP last year CCR)
    Hey I lived up on Bainbridge Island and you will be sure to get some solid IMC up there this time of year. Just flying between YVR and SEA would be hours of solid IMC. Should be fun! 4
    Have fun and post some photos!