Friday, April 26, 2013

Bose A20 Pirep

For headsets I've got two Zulu 1's and one Bose X as well as a QT Halo and then a mish mash of non-ANR sets.  I've had LightSpeed Zulu's for a long time and they are a good headset, and until now were what I prefered to wear.  The Bose X is pretty good, but I have big ears and the cups wouldn't quite fit over them.  The QT Halo is okay in a pinch and the price is right, but I just don't like the in-the-ear headsets and it's nowhere near as good at drowning out the low pitch noise.  So when I had a full ship, the kids would take the Zulu's and my wife would wear the BoseX, and I'd wear the QT Halo.  I finally decided I can't handle the in the ear thing anymore and I'd get a new set, and so I bought the new Bose the A20.

This is the hands down the best and most quiet headset I've ever worn, and it fits over my ears.  Hurray!

Highly recommended.  It's so ridiculously quiet you almost can't hear the engines.  It drowns out nearly all the low frequency vibrations and so you just hear a light higher pitch rumble and feel the smooth vibrations of the big bore Continentals.  The sound coming from the XM sounds amazing too, it's like a concert hall.  I'm going to sell all my other headsets and get 3 more of these suckers.  They're pricey but worth it.

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