Friday, September 7, 2012

Squawk list

Got the squawk list from MxExpress for the annual, some engine stuff from the new engines settling in, the left engine has a leak on the left alternator drive seal, which I'm hoping will be under TCM warranty since we're just under 1 year, but that's 6 hours of labor to replace alone.  There is a long list of discretionary items, some things that are just worn out, and a broken floor board which apparently was putting pressure on one of the ribs and when someone stepped on it it bent the rib.  All in about 20 hours of general airframe labor, 20 hours of landing gear labor and 15 hours of engine labor.  Not too bad but of course at $95 an hour it all ads up quick!

Looks like I'm looking at about 9 grand if I decide to do everything, including the inspection and some rigging to get the controls balanced perfectly... maybe I'll pick up a few extra knots.  Probably 4k if I just did the airworthiness items... but I know myself and will probably just fix everything... Ouch! Note that nearly all of it is labor... If I had the time and inclination to do an owner assisted I could sure save some dough, but unfortunately I don't have the time and in truth my free time is probably better spent on things I'm good at.  Those Baron guys that are claiming $1500 annuals sure aren't tossing the keys to the mechanic and saying "fix it again Tony and send me the bill when it's done".  No one said this was a cheap endeavor, the flying part sure is cool though.

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  1. I've been really happy have Savvy Maintenance help me with those fix/don't fix decisions. They save me their fee's worth pretty quick. :)