Friday, September 21, 2012

good news bad news

Bad news first?  My plane won't be ready until next Wednesday, making it exactly 1 month since I brought her in.  I'm a little shocked by it really since the primary issues seem to be engine and landing gear related and I just spent 125k last year on a complete firewall forward job and just six months before I had the shop go through the landing gear.  The cost is obviously painful but the worst part is I've missed an insanely beautiful month for flying.  I had to rent a plane to fly to the Reno air races.

Speaking of... that was freakin awesome!  I went with Dave Lawlor a fellow Baron owner from back east.  I had originally planned to take him in my plane until this annual from hell.  We had a ridiculous time though... spent the day in the shaded VIP Breitling tent with an incredible front row view, a scattered group of french dudes and their super model girlfriends, flat screen TV showing football, full open bar (I was flying though), full spread of amazing food including fresh hand made omelet's for breakfast and through the afternoon seared ahi, grilled halibut, steak, pasta, heirloom tomato salad, pelegrino's and bottles of water, full cappuccino bar, and the full pit crew from Precious Metal and other assorted awesomeness. All that on comfy chairs in front of the awesome races... pretty much the pinnacle of airshow/race experiences for me in my lifetime I'm sure...  here was the view from our comfy perch, literally there was no better place to be.

I'd also forgotten how much more pucker factor there is flying over the mountains in a single.  The trip back was at night too, made me really appreciate my plane, if I can just get her back.

In other news Pilotica mobile was approved and is now in the app store.  If you need an online pilot logbook app check it out,  I'd love to get more feedback.

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