Sunday, August 26, 2012

Annual Time

Today I dropped the plane off for the annual inspection.  Hard to believe it's been a year since I put the new engines on.  The plane has basically been totally transformed since I bought it, new leather interior, reskinned elevator, double firewall forward job including engines, exhausts, mounts, props, etc.  New panel with G500, GTN-750, GTN-650 and GTS-800 traffic radar.  I had a nice 3.7 hour flight before dropping it off, it was cool to hear ATC call traffic to a Saratoga driver and tell him that a Baron would be passing off his left, 80 kts faster..  Are Saratoga's really that slow?  In any event I'm hopeful the annual goes smoothly and since everything should be in tip top shape at this point I think this should be indicative of what an annual on a clean, well maintained and low time 55 Baron should cost.  Fingers crossed...


  1. I'm anxious for the update - thinking of a 55 but am worried about unexpected maintenance costs - keep us posted!

  2. Nothing of real major concern or severity, I will have all the results back later this week typed up for you to review! so far so good!