Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Best free pilot logbook

Why does the world need another online logbook app? Well, maybe the world doesn't, but I decided I did. I've been looking at the online pilot logbook apps for some time and even though I used one, I decided that it sucked... so recently I built my own.   It supports custom columns.. it's already mobile friendly but I'll build a native iOS version soon. I don't use Android so not sure about that. Right now I'm working on a new report, when that's done I want to add the ability for instructors to be able to add digital sigs and endorsements, then I'm going to add some weather briefing functions. It's also designed to be more fun and with a sharing component, so you can easily add photos and youtube videos and publish to Facebook, add your own custom columns, filters, etc... Why do all these tools read like an ugly boring grid?

For my logbook, I wanted to fix all that and create the best free online pilot logbook http://pilotica.com The IPhone version is IN PROGRESS

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