Friday, July 20, 2012

125 Hours

I now have 125 hours on the new engines since they were installed last August.  Not bad considering I had over a month of downtime for the panel.  Today I flew over to LVK to see Chris and the fellas at MxExpress and got an oil change and some cheap gas.  No idea why, but Livermore has now surpassed Tracy as the cheap gas destination... funny when "cheap" is $4.98 a gallon.

I'm converting over to Blackstone for analysis, I just couldn't deal with Aviations Labs... even though they had a quicker turnaround their reports suck.  I also dropped a couple quarts of Camguard in there.  The engines were installed last August, but that was also when the annual was signed off so I'm fast coming up on my next one.  I'm hoping this one will be a good barometer of what I can expect ongoing, since I've now finally got the plane up to my standards.  Everything is new, so their will be nothing to fix right?  hahaha...

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