Thursday, October 20, 2011

Dialed in

At long last, the plane is 100% squawk free!  The prop sync issue turned out to be a problem with how they wired it up when doing the prop overhaul.  The shop pulled off the prop and sent it back to Stockton propellor for warranty repair, put it back on and boom, they synced up perfectly.  I took a flight down to LA and what a difference.  Also the fuel flow issue on the JPI is finally resolved, it still fluctuates a little bit but now only by a few tenths of a gallon, not 3-4 gallons like it used to.  It's accurate enough now that I know precisely what I'm burning and what my fuel flow is as I go lean of peak.  On the flight to LA I was truing out at 190kts on 22 gph running LOP at 8-9k.  CHT's were all in the 330-365 range with the higher ones being the #6 on both engines.  So now, at long last everything works... I mean everything, including the little clock on the yoke!  The engines are running so smooth...

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