Tuesday, October 4, 2011

back in the shop

The plane is back in the shop getting its remaining squawks resolved, as well as the first oil change and a boot job.  I saw the boots and they look freakin great, gleaming and shinny instead of dull and chalky.  It looked like a lot of scrubbing work with chemicals so I was glad to have them do it.  The other squawks are the prop synchrophaser is still not working, and it appears that Stockton propeller may have miswired something within one of the props, so they are popping it off and sending it back over there to get fixed.  The other issue is that the fuel flow on the JPI is still erratic, so the shop has been working with JPI to try to figure that one out.  Last I heard they are downloading the data from the unit to send to JPI.  Hopefully we'll get all the bugs worked out here shortly, the main one that irks me to no end is the prop sync.  I don't know how someone could own a twin without one.

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