Tuesday, January 18, 2011

More motor madness

I'm getting closer to making a decision on my motors, and have been shopping around for various overhaul shop prices, installation, shipping and doing my best to compare apples to apples.  One thing I've discovered is that while there are a million opinions on what the best route is, the prices all seem pretty comparable.  Here is how the pricing breaks out so far:

Continental IO-520-E7B

TCM Factory Reman: $28,978
Powermasters: $29,500
Eagle Engines: $27,000
Poplar Grove Airmotive: $27,000
Americas Aircraft Engines: $26,200
Zephyr: $29,000

I'm leaning towards the TCM reman option because they will take my cranks no matter what. The other shops may need to upcharge me if the crank turns out to be a non-VAR (vacuum arc remelt) crank. Anyway you slice it it's a big chunk-o-change, especially if I do both sides at once which I'm also still undecided on. I'm also due for my insurance renewal, my CA personal property tax (luxury tax) and my annual! It's hard to believe I've had the plane a year now, looks like I've flown just shy of 90 hours since March. Short of my goal but looking forward to some more trips here soon.

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