Thursday, January 27, 2011


Ahh, insurance.  That ooh so fun subject.  Well it's renewal time, and I've been very curious as to what the premium would be now that I have nearly 100 hrs multi time under my belt.  When shopping around last year, I found what I believe to be the absolute lowest price any guy with 5 multi hours in the logbook and a Baron in the hangar could possibly get... $5,500 for 1M liability, 150k hull and 100 medical coverage per seat.  That's actually a steal, as companies like Avemco had quoted me as high as 9k and 25 hours of dual before I could even fly solo.  The good news is this year came in at $3,600, saving me nearly 2k.  Sounds good to me, and it will only drop as I continue to rack up the multi hours.  I also have to give a plug to my friend Alejandro who runs TrueCourse Aviation Insurance Inc. ( and is clearly the most awesome insurance guy around.  I highly recommend giving him a call, he will treat you like a friend and valued client.

Part of my policy stipulates that I must complete an annual IPC and common sense dictates that if you're flying a twin, you should do an annual training/refresher course.  I'm planning on doing BPPP again this year in April at KCCR.  It was great training and good fun last year.  My only concern right now is making sure my little engine project doesn't conflict.  I've decided to go with the factory engines, and I'm 90% decided on the shop to do all the R&R.  more to come...

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