Saturday, October 16, 2010

LED beacon, another rat bites the dust

The other night I took my friend Dennis from OAK to Nut Tree to pick up his Cessna 180.  As I departed Nut Tree he snapped this little video from his phone.

Damn that's bright!  I've noticed it flashing before on night flights, but never really realized just how bright these LED lights really are.

I've been on a business trip this week and so it's been five days since I've been to the hangar to check the last rat trap I left.  Fortunately there were no rats in the trap left in the plane so the barrier is working.  I did find a dead one underneath the plane though.  It ate the poison pack I left and then went directly underneath the plane and died.  Lovely fun getting rid of that, but at least now I know the plane is clean and they can't get in again.   Last week I also sprayed spider killer all over the hangar and today I found about 8 dead black widows.  Better off dead, for sure!  It would be great to have a nice clean hangar though with a sparkling clean floor... I'm keeping my eyes open.  Also my friend Rick offered to help me spray it down with a pressure washer and then treat the floor with cement finish... that might do the trick too.

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