Sunday, October 17, 2010

Back in business

The rat fiasco put a big dent in this months flying.  I had planned to fly about 10 hours this month but now we're more than half way through and I've only flown about an hour.  The weather is finally getting interesting, we're spoiled in California with great weather all summer long except for summer advection fog.  Nearly all my IMC time lately has been bits of 2-5 minutes at a time ascending and descending through the marine layer.  The plane climbs at 2000 fpm, so it's hard to even log a lot those transitions.  Today we had some rain and I finally got out for a few hours this morning to test out the plane and make sure everything is still working hunky dory.  No squawks, plane flew perfectly.  Here is a quick video:

The plane is running great and flying down low like this it's a lot of fun hauling along pretty much in the yellow arc even with the throttle pulled back.  Did I mention that these Colemill Baron's haul ass? :)  Here is 22 inches at 2400 rpm at 4500 ft:

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