Thursday, June 3, 2010

Updated the Garmin - Finally!

First an update on the headset jack issue.  I still haven't fished out the errant nuts, but I did manage to locate a replacement nut for the headphone jack. I found a replacement jack at and bought a replacement jack just to get the nut off of it.  Since it's aviation I figured I might as well go ahead and spend $3 plus shipping on a $.05 part. Now I just need to try to figure out how to find the dropped nuts without ripping the whole sidewall off, or else wait until the next annual. I'm still puzzled as to how they possibly installed a nut on the backside of those screws though...

On a brighter note, I finally managed to update the G600.  I've been struggling with the database updates, the G600 refused to accept them, giving me a "GDU Update Failed" message.  Nothing would load, the charts, the nav data, nothing.  Turns out that when I setup my profile on I didn't correctly enter in my "systemID".  The systemID can be found by going to the Aux menu on the G600, pressing the DBASE softkey and scrolling to the bottom.  I called Garmin and asked them to delete the profile and they did that so I could reenter it with the correct systemID.  They also kindly updated my databases to the latest versions since they had expired in the time it took me to figure all this out.

I've been wanting to try the family trip IFR, but balked at the last minute this weekend on our trip to LA because I didn't want to go IFR with out of date navdata.  Actually I was glad I did, because 10 minutes into the trip Juni pooped and we diverted to Gustine to change diapers... maybe I just need to upgrade to a Cessna 421 with a potty. :)  Some great clouds on the way back, OAK and HWD were IFR and I thought I'd need a popup clearance but there was an easy hole for getting back into CCR.  Another weekend adventure in the Baron.

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