Sunday, June 13, 2010


Even in the hangar I've noticed that the plane accumulates a thin layer of dirt/dust on the upper wing skins after sitting for awhile, so today I bought a bucket and some soap at target and gave the plane a bath.  Concord airport has a nice wash rack, with two hoses and various spray heads available.  When I got underneath the plane I noticed that the exhaust stains under the left engine were significantly "greasier" than the ones on the right engine.  The left engine is the one that's burning more oil, so I believe this supports my thought that a few cylinders are leaking at the rings and sucking oil up through the case and into the combustion chamber, where it is burned and pushed out the exhaust stacks.

Next weekend I'm doing the ABS service clinic at Livermore airport, so I'm arming my various questions for the Beech maintenance gurus.  It will also be interesting to see what else they find.  Mike Dechnik is a fellow Baron owner and is the guy who helped ferry my airplane to Advantage Interiors.  He reports that after the ABS clinic he came away with three pages of notes/squawks.  Should be interesting!

In other news my buddy Rick gave me an extra cabinet that he had, and I spent some time rearranging and organizing all my hangar stuff.  My current house is tiny so it's been nice to get a bunch of my flying crap out of the house.

I had planned to go flying too but time is precious these days and I ran out of it.  I'm working hard on finding a new house closer to the airport so I can make more quick jaunts.  I tallied up my hours for 2010 now that we're at the half way mark and discovered I've flown 54.9 hrs.  That's well below my goal of logging 150 hrs this year so I've got some work to do!

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