Thursday, May 13, 2021

Long time

I haven't updated in a long time...  that's because the plane has been stuck at the interior shop at Lincoln Skyways for 14 weeks.  I'm super bummed out at this point, clearly they put me on the back burner and left me sitting in the hangar with almost nothing getting done.  At this point I could not recommend this shop, there is no excuse for it taking this long and I'm just glad I didn't even have them do my seats.  I'm reticent to post this because I hate to bash a company, but enough is enough.  I just want my damn plane back but I'm a hostage... 


  1. Hey, I hear ya on this one. When the wife sees how much money goes into airplane upkeep, she (rightfully) expects to get good use out of it. Doesn't want to hear it's in the shop when she wants to go someplace! My plane was in the paint shop for 8 weeks earlier this year and I had the seats redone while it was down. Thought I was being pretty smart. Paint looks good, but seats are crap. Now I have to figure out how to get them done again without more downtime. Ugh!

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