Sunday, April 2, 2017

Columbia 400

Today I got my first time and a few landings in the Columbia 400.  To say I really loved this airplane would be an understatement.  The pushrod controls are smooth as heck and the thing smooth and fast like a rocket.   It had been awhile since I've flown the G1000 but it came back quickly.  Awesome airplane with great avionics and autopilot but still fun as heck to fly.  Why are these not as popular as the Cirrus?  With the twin turbo we were getting 170 kts over the ground at 15 gph.  Really cool airplane.  


  1. No parachute. Inferior styling. Cessna's (lack of effective) marketing.

  2. No chute and bad marketing I'll buy those Dennis! I think the styling is pretty great though!