Saturday, March 4, 2017

A home for the tbone

The TBone is still back in Griffin Georgia.  I was supposed to head back there yesterday to pick her up but as happens in aviation, things are taking longer than expected.  I'm getting shoulder harnesses installed as well as a new headliner, and well...  two weeks estimated has turned into four.  I'm hopeful it will be done sometime this week and then I can plan to fetch her.  In the mean time, I've got some work to do on the new hangar.  Unfortunately the prior owner didn't clean the hangar, and I guess "as is sale" means "including all my old crappy junk that you'll have to get rid of yourself".  Grrr.

Those carpets are just disgusting.  They are probably 20 years old and dusty and covered in grease stains.  This photo is after I filled up an entire dumpster.  The rest is going to the dump.  The plan is to power wash the floor, put down some nice tile on the sides and clean the center runway for the plane and either do an epoxy coating or else perhaps go big and do a slab on concrete.  I'd like to lighten the place up and make it look nice, but as you can see there's a ways to go...

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