Friday, February 10, 2017

My new ride

Well, something quite amazing and cool fell into my lap and I just fell in love it it.  I'm now the proud new owner of TwinBonanza N787SC.  This is an absolutely gorgeous TBone with low total time, low engine times (250 hrs), and just oozes style and class from a bygone era.  The plane literally drips with nostalgia and although it's not a turboprop, and it's not pressurized, I just had to have it.

I expected I'd go plane-less a bit longer than this, but when I stumbled on 7SC I felt I should move quickly since  I really didn't want anyone else to snatch it up.  She's a top of the market TBone, just out of annual at Todd Thacker's place.  Complete logs, only 4,000 hrs total time and in tip top shape with no deferred maintenance, according to Todd's shop which just finished the annual.

I went out to see her and Todd took me flying.  She was so gorgeous and smooth and obviously well cared for, I just went with my gut and said screw it...  I bought the plane as-is where is with no prebuy!  Yikes, but as soon as I saw it I knew I was going to buy it so why not?  If I understand correctly there just a handful of nice D50E's left flying and I now own one of them.  My friend Aaron has another one which is a stunning example.  Between gawking at Aaron's gorgeous bird and always being enraptured by the steadfast and dedicated work of Gregg Cadieux,  I simply decided I need own a TBone one day... and so one day is now!

I had said I wanted something bigger, faster, higher, further... well I ended up with one of those things at least, bigger!  Basically I traded some speed for size.  The TBone is substantially bigger than my Baron...  in fact it's seems absolutely ginormous and the ramp presence is incredible.  The wingspan is 45 feet!  I'm 6'4" tall and I can basically stand fully upright under the end of the wing, and it's a freakin low wing!  Perfect shade for Oshkosh.  Man this thing is cool.

Panel wise it's actually pretty well equipped.  Like I did with my Baron, the prior owner dropped some serious coin into the panel on this plane although the GPS units are a generation old now.  It's got dual 530w's, an Aspen, a panel mounted 796 and an STEC 60-2 autopilot.  The props are alcohol but no boots so I'll need to be a bit more cautious about avoiding ice.  It's got VGs, the air-stair door, nice interior, leather seats and great windows.  Paint is in very nice condition with just a few specs of filiform corrosion on the tail feathers.  I think there are still a few things I can do to her to make her a real gem and restore her to full glory.  Right now she is at Todd's shop and I'm having a new headliner installed since the old one looked pretty crappy, and I'm installing 4 point harnesses for the pilot and copilot seats since it only has lap belts right now.  My plan is to fly it as is for awhile and then I might consider some more upgrades.

Without further ado, here are a few pics.  In a few weeks when the work is done I'll head back to Georgia to pick her up and fly her back across the country.

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