Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Monster tug

A hangar neighbor down the way was cleaning out a hangar and asked me if I wanted to buy his non-working monster tug.  These things are about $4000 new so I offered him $200 for it and he accepted.  So I'm the proud new owner of this huge tug that I could move a KingAir or a jet with.

Look at that sucker... it makes my old gas tug next to it look tiny by comparison.  I put some fuel in it and it promptly leaked all over the place.  The battery was corroded and totally shot.  The oil sump was bone dry.  I was just hoping it hadn't seized up.  I was going to hire a mechanic to try to fix it but then I decided maybe I could just do it myself.  I bought some oil, a new fuel line and a new battery at AutoZone.  I took the old corroded fuel line off, attached the new one, filled up the oil sump, wired up the new battery, filled the tires with air... pulled the motor through a couple times to get it lubed up, and then...  hit the starter and vroooooom.  She started right up!  Awesome.  The thing belched smoke for a few minutes but then started purring like a kitten.  What a deal.


  1. Does it meet the landlords sound ordinance?

  2. Did you ever figure out what you're doing with the Citabria?

  3. Are you going to sell your old small tug? I am in SF local and interested in if you intend to sell.

  4. Arksat, I'm not sure if this is going to work for me yet. I'll let you know if I decide to sell the small one!

    Gary- Citabria is in prebuy! I'll do a writeup when it sells. ;(

  5. Hi Adam,

    Congrats on your new bird! She looks gorgeous.

    Regarding the small tug can you email me arksat4 atmark gmail dot com so that we can discuss?