Sunday, September 18, 2016


The other day someone recommended non-abrasive Gojo hand cleaner for cleaning turbine exhaust stains off of the KingAir and the Pilatus.  It's only about $8 ordered from Amazon.  I thought about using it to clean up those stubborn combustion heater exhaust stains off my belly that come from the old Janitrol, and yesterday I tried it out.

Some might ask why on earth did I paint my belly white?  Well, for one I like the look of the white bottom, and for another I don't really want to hide things like oil, dirt and grime that might collect on the bottom.  I like to see that stuff so I can clean it and track where it came from.  I just needed an easy way to clean it off.  I generally use MeGuiars quick detail mist to dry wash the plane, but man that soot above is stubborn stuff.

Let's try the Gojo!  I took a dry wash towel and put on a light coat.

I was totally amazed, it just wiped it right off.

Clean as a whistle!  It's supposed to be aluminum safe but afterwards I wiped it down again with a wet towel and cleaned off any residue just to be safe.

Oh yeah...  I also removed my unfeathering accumulators.  The plane is not a trainer so I never really use them.  When I practice shutdowns I can easily restart by hitting the starter.  Also, these suckers together weigh 16 pounds.  I figured I'd just save the weight.

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