Saturday, June 4, 2016

FlightStream 210

Just when I think I've got every Garmin gadget imaginable they come out with another one.  I bought a FlightStream 210 which is a little bluetooth device that physically sits on top of my GTN 750 below the glare shield and wirelessly transmits data to my iPhone and iPad.  The new transponder I bought also has bluetooth, but inexplicably Garmin doesn't allow data to be uploaded through it, only sent out.  So while I could get ADS-B data on my iPad with my new GTX345, I couldn't upload flight plans or control my XM audio.  Now I can do both.  Also the FS210 has a backup AHRS and sends that data to my iPad as well.  Pretty cool little device.  The main reason I bought it is that Dina usually sits in the back and now she can DJ the music from her phone.  Cool!


  1. You certainly have all the toys! Inspector Gadget.

  2. Love the FS210. I have the G530W and uploading flight plans is a breeze, especially flying single pilot IFR.

    What are your thoughts on the ADS-B weather vs the XM weathetr? I find that the xm is more detailed and provides a better picture of whats out there.

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