Monday, July 27, 2015

New interior to Osh!

Tim Hallock (Aviation Design) finally finished my new interior, and it looks awesome... and just in time for Oshkosh!

Here are the new side panels which are made from carbon fiber and have a recessed armrest that gives another inch or two of width to the interior.

The seats are also leather in a carbon frame with recessed headrests and newly webbed seat belts.

The yoke is now leather wrapped and I got a new carbon fiber glare shield wrapped in leather.  It's still sitting too high for the panel so I'm going to have Tim adjust it.

Here are the front seats, super comfy.

I flew her up to KSAC to get the G500 firmware updated and also replace the avionics cooling fan which had failed.  Thankfully it was only a $60 part.

Here is my motley crew after 6 hours of flying, 300 NM from OSH.

We made it.


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