Sunday, March 29, 2015

Formation flying - b2osh training

Yesterday I did the Bonanza's to Oshkosh formation clinic.  I was a little bit nervous flying so close to other airplanes, but it was a blast.  Here is a video I snapped.

We had a 90 minute safety briefing in the morning, and then flew two "sorties", one in the morning and then a break for lunch and another flight in the afternoon.  The morning flight was just two planes, both of us Baron's although the other plane was a 58TC.  The afternoon flight we paired up with a E33 in a 3 ship formation.  Total blast once I got the hang of all the throttle jockeying.  The 55 Baron is so light and maneuverable I didn't have much trouble pairing with the single engine 35 at all.  Good fun!

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  1. Formation is the most fun you can have flying other than Aerobatics ... The BOSH guys are a great group to form up with ... after > 1200 formation hours, I'll tell you that it's always a hoot