Thursday, May 15, 2014

Too much fun

I'm having way too much fun with the champ.  I'm pretty comfortable with handling three point and wheel landings and have good control of the little beast now, so it's time to push the envelope a bit.  I'd love to take her up to Idaho and hit some back country spots, but for now I'm happy exploring local California grass strips.  Last week I hit a little spot near KSAC called Borges Clarksburg, this week Buena Vista near Comanche resovoir.  It feels like uncovering a hidden world finding these spots, as most are private with cantankerous old owners and you really need to go in with someone who has "permission" although thus far no one has ever come out and asked if we have permission.  Here is a video of a landing at a little 1000 ft strip, the Champ with STOL kit does great I landed with 500 ft to spare.

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  1. Adam - If you're thinking about backcountry flying, this is the place you want to be: