Friday, April 25, 2014

Hangar cleaning robot

I was getting annoyed by having to constantly sweep my hangar floor. The dust and dirt and little bits of gravel that get blown in by passing aircraft accumulate, and if I spent the time to sweep it out every time it would inevitably just get blown back under the hangar door and the next week it's all gritty again. I found a solution to this vexing problem. The Roomba robotic vacuum cleaner, which I programmed to go on at 10pm every night. I show up to a sparkling clean hangar floor and just empty the robot's dust bin. 

This one is a Roomba 770 which I bought with the Bed Bath and Beyond 20% off coupon and it came out to $400 plus tax.  Well worth it not to have to sweep the floors anymore!  There is still some deep grime on my concrete floor that the roomba can't get to. I'll need to get that up with a mop and some chemical cleaner or some sort, but this is a huge, huge improvement. No more loose dirt, dust and gravel on top.  It even sucks up spiders.  So nice to have a shiny clean hangar floor, and worthy of the Baron to come home to... any day now!

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