Friday, February 21, 2014

Off to Copeland

Say goodbye to my old scheme... I flew down to Eloy Arizona to drop off the plane with at Arizona Aero Painting today with Jerry flying chase in his PII Baron. 

We were hauling arse down there, 30 kt tailwind I was doing about 205 over the ground and Jerry wisely hopped up 2k ft and was doing 220. I eventually joined him at 11.5 but he kept creeping away from me. His unbooted P2 is a bit faster than my P600, but he also cheated by running ROP. He arrived 15m earlier on the 3.3 hr flight and burned 88 gallons to my 76.

We had a really cool flight, smooth with tailwinds going down, chatting on 123.45.  On arrival Don Copeland greeted us at the fuel pump.  We soon discovered Eloy is an awesome little airport and the busiest sky diving spot in the world. There were literally sky divers everywhere. It's like a constant stream of 10-20 sky divers in the air at any one time. It's like Burning Man for sky divers. We had a fun lunch with Don shooting the shit and watching meat rockets fall from the sky... hard to capture with an iPhone..

Here is Don asking me about things like stainless screws and such...

Don took my orders which were "Make it as good as Russ Demaray's".  Don commented that he rarely paints planes where the existing paint looks as good as mine.  That's ok I really want a new scheme, new uncracked fairings, new stainless screws, etc.
I also ordered a new aluminum elevator from SRS.  The left side is already aluminum I figured since I'm painting her I might as well make both sides the same.  This is going to cost a fortune but will be awesome when done.

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