Sunday, July 7, 2013

New glass

I'm almost embarrassed to report what this cost me, but suffice it to say it was a lot but I'm pretty stoked on the result.  The front windshield alone was $3250... and that little piece of anodized aluminum in front of it that holds it in place was $1500.  Where else but aviation can you replace your windows for the price of a car?

Oh well...  it looks awesome.  Jim finished up today, here is the new profile with the tint.

That should keep things cooler and less glaring when the big 10,000 ft sun is slamming the plane.  It really creates a nice internal cabin feel too.   Here is the money shot...

Perfect new front... apparently Jim had a heck of a time getting it in due to my custom one piece panel (I got rid of the floating panel with the last avionics upgrade).  The cutouts were modified by EAM when they did the panel install which made his life somewhat difficult, but he got it in and now it's ensconced in nice aluminum frame vs before which was basically a big glue job.  Jim finished up around 6 pm and cleaned up the panel, the glare shield and headliner and got everything back together before heading out in his dually fifth wheel mobile home setup for his next stop which I think was down in Fresno... he thinks it's hot here, just wait until Fresno :)  The glue needs to set and I'll be in the air to test everything out by Wed.  All ready for the ultimate paint job and I'll be only 3 minor imperfections away from the ultimate perfect and immaculately restored Baron... I won't say what they are yet...

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  1. Just had mine done - finished yesterday. I've heard of Jim, but no one had his contact, so I had my shop do the work - hard work, but it came out amazing