Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Dialed in again

So here was the problem with the tach

After a lot of digging turns out it was the left tach generator.  Apparently it was filled with dust or something, weird!  Oh well, turned out to be a $150 item, and while she was in the boys at TriValley aviation (MxExpress) finally fixed the left alternator.  I filled up with cheap(er) gas at LVK ($5.26) and flew down to Harris Ranch and had a yummy steak sando with my buddy and Bonanza owner Tim.

Good times, and the plane is back in her home snug as a bug!

On the paint front, I'm actively talking with Don Copeland about this scheme...

I'm going to pull the trigger any moment, I just can't decide when to take the 6 weeks of downtime...

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