Friday, June 22, 2012

Lit up

Here she is, all lit up.  The glove box is painted and all the work is done, except the most painful part which is writing the check.  Wow I can't wait.  Looks like I'm heading down to pick her up on Tuesday.  If all goes well I'll fly her home.  The big disadvantage of going to an avionics shop 550 miles away is that it's a bit far to go back if we need to make adjustments.  I'll test fly it up to Prescott and shoot some approaches, and perhaps stick around until Wednesday to get any squawks taken care of... fingers crossed it's all perfect... it certainly looks perfect!


  1. your panel is looking really nice. i hope to see it up close and personal soon. let me know when you are heading down this way again. my son just bought into half a Baron. 55E. he is very excited and is sending it in to do a similar panel upgrade. i think he is going with the aspen pfd.

  2. That's a beautiful panel. Until last year, I had never been in a Beechcraft. A flyin club I work out of has a beautiful BE-95 Travel Air and a 300hp F33A Bonanza. Since the Baronb is supposed to be a step-up from the Travel Air, I can only imagine what a great airplane your Baron must be. Can you tell I've got Baron-Envy? Feel fee to viit my blog at