Thursday, May 24, 2012

Mission: Fetch Fido

My friend H is a hunter and had taken his new hunting dog up to a little town in the Sierra Nevada called Bridgeport, where there is a guy who does gun training for dogs.  We were hanging out this weekend and he mentioned he wasn't looking forward to the all day drive to go fetch her... dropping her off had taken him five and half hours of driving just to get up there.... hello?  I've got a Baron dude, it's a 45 minute flight.  So this morning we set off to go get the dog.  The winds were blowing 42 kts over the peaks at 9am this morning, and were forecast to increase through the day so I was a anticipating a rough ride, but it turned out to be quite tolerable.

It was also gorgeous.  On the leeward side of the Sierra the flow was very much downward... at one point I was at full power at Vy and she wouldn't climb... granted I was at 13k.   Normally I can still climb at 800-900 fpm at 13.

On the ground at 6400 ft the wind was calm.  Here is little video of the landing at Bryant Field.

Mission accomplished!

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