Thursday, April 12, 2012


So my tail cone lens cover, AKA "stinger" lens is cracked, so I thought I'd order a new one.  Also the storm window seal is old and makes a bit of a hissing sound so I ordered a new one of those as well.  Today the goods arrived!

See that piece of plastic on the left that looks like it's worth about $2.50?  Care to take a guess? The plastic is surely worth $2.50, but with the FAA approved paper underneath could it possibly be worth.... $132.89 ?  You got it!  Gotta love aviation!  How about the little coil of sticky tape on the right for the storm window seal?  Surely $1.99 right?  $4.99?  $9.99?  How about $32.90 !@?  Crikey!!!  We've got to take the government out of this, all I can say is W T F.

Glad I'm not flying today though, it's been a long time since we've had TSTRMS strong enough to send my dog to the closet!

By the way that's the new Garmin Pilot app for the IPad.  I actually like it more than ForeFlight, it's really really good.  I must hand it to ForeFlight for pioneering the low cost flight apps on the IPad, surely this app would cost $500+ per year if even available had Garmin been allowed to pave the way... yet this app is really slick.  I hope ForeFlight can catch up.


  1. Doog, we'd love to hear suggestions for improving ForeFlight Mobile, if you're willing! Just toss us a note at - thanks! BTW, I really enjoy the blog, have followed it for a while. Thanks for the posts!

  2. Jason, I'm amazed and honored you read my little flying blog! As for FF suggestions, put the frequencies all on one page! It's an extra click for each "category". Also I LOVE that Garmin lets me download charts in the background while other apps are running. Also the DirectTo and present position features on FF are a bit confusing, check out how Garmin does it and the little wheel over airports. Finally, keep up the great work!