Tuesday, March 8, 2011

While we're in there

Here is my list of potential "while you're in there items" when doing the engines that I've gleaned from researching my project and talking to some good A&P's. I've discovered that the cost of the engine is only part of the story...

Prop/Prop governor

Mags. go with Bendix


Starter & gear drive

Oil cooler - included in factory reman

All hoses in engine compartment

Vacuum or pressure pump

Engine mount

Engine mount insulators


Any wiring in the engine area that looks old. It is much easier to do it when the engine is off than to trouble shoot this later

Any cables such as prop, throttle etc. If you are having any stiff cables it is much easier to fix/replace these with no engine to work around.

Fuel Pumps; These are often forgotten and would be a good time to have them overhauled.

Fine wire spark plugs? optional and expensive, but may reduce plug fouling

If you have gammi's like me a good time to overhaul em...

Fuel injection ie-Throttle Body, Fuel distributer etc.

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