Tuesday, September 21, 2010


Today I went to the hangar to wash the plane.  It's kind of dirty since I've only washed it once since I bought it.  I fired up the engines to taxi to the wash rack, and then thought well I've fired them up, might as well take a flight.  So I headed over to TCY and shot an approach, then was messing around over by Byron and heard a familiar voice on the radio that said "9AW final for runway 5, Byron"... hmmm, that sounds like my friend Pi.  "9AW say type"... "9AW is a yellow Maule"..."Izzat you Paul?"... "Yep, whachu doing?"... "Nothing, want to take a spin in the Baron?"... "Sure come on over".  So we took a spin and Paul was video equipped and shot this little video, and gave me a good tease about my gas guzzler...

Long story short, I didn't get much of a wash in... basically just a bug wipe.  Oh well...

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  1. the last shot in the video does not look like KTCY to me is that Byron ?
    Asghar Shah